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Story 10: 16 Days, 16 Stories

TW Warning: These stories contain detailed descriptions of abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, physical violence and other forms of harassment and discrimination which may be triggering.


It was the first time it happened. I had gone to visit my cousins. We always played together. This particular day, my older cousin cornered me when no one else was around, he whispered in my ears and touched me under my dress. I was too young to understand what was happening. He told me not to say anything to anyone. He was taller and bigger than me and I was afraid. It kept happening, sometimes he would go further. I would try to avoid him, and sometimes it would be impossible. It took me a long time to realise what he was doing to me all these years. My cousin sexually abused me...


If you or someone you know is being abused and needs help, please contact BAML’s Hotline at 284-2613 or 257-5582. WhatsApp Messages are also accepted. This is a free, highly confidential service.

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