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About Us

The Barbados Association of Muslim Girls (BAMG) was founded on 17 November 2010 through the creation of a Facebook group.  The initial aim of the group was to provide safe, Islamic, social spaces for Muslim girls in Barbados. During our first general meeting in December 2010, which saw the attendance of approximately 40 women and girls, a vote was taken to change the name of the group to the Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies (BAML) as it was more reflective of the generation span of our members.


In our early years, BAML - through the support of committed volunteers - hosted several small social activities, fundraisers and community service initiatives. However,  over time, we recognized a need for more strategic programming that would address the more challenging and often silenced issues facing Muslim women and girls in Barbados. In August 2015, we launched "Breaking Barriers" an initiative focused on solution based discussions to issues such as discrimination, inclusion and access to education among others. From these bold discussions, the first formal Executive Team of the BAML was formed and our four programming streams emerged. 


BAML is the first and only organisation in Barbados that responds to the holistic needs and is the voice of Muslim  women and girls.  As a community based organisation with the primary aim of promoting the personal, socioeconomic and educational development of Muslim females in Barbados, our work is divided into four main branches:

  • Social Activities: providing safe Islamic spaces for Muslim females to have fun and build sisterhood.

  • Community Service: assisting families most in need prioritising single parent households, the elderly and widows; supporting charitable causes through donations and volunteering.

  • Educational and Professional Development: offering financial support for post-secondary study through our Educate Girls Fund, career mentorship, seminars and workshops. 

  • Advocacy: areas of focus include participation in World Hijab Day, ending all forms of gender-based violence, physical and mental health, nutrition and wellness, environmental protection, inter-faith relations, women’s rights and inclusion.

BAML is registered under Barbados' Charities Act, Cap. 243 and is formally referred to as:

Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies Registered Charity No. 1512

History of Baml

Baml Today

Meet The Team

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Firhaana Bulbulia



Sumaiya Chauhan

Floor Member

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Waheeda Chotia

Floor Member


Zaeema Motara

Floor Member


Sakina Bakharia



Ferozah Kothdiwala



Zuleika Bulbulia



Sumaiyah Patel

Assistant Secretary- Treasurer

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Tasha Mehter

Intern-Floor Member

Shaunte Wilson

Intern- Floor Member

Aaishah Patel

Intern- Floor Member

We believe Muslim women can embrace who we are, define our own futures and be positive forces for change.

Our Mission

We see Muslim women and girls as having the potential to achieve their dreams whilst making a lasting contribution to Barbados. At BAML we harness this potential by providing safe spaces for our women and girls to play, learn and grow whilst keeping the principles of Islam at the core of everything we do.

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Our Mission

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