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Get Involved

Are you interested in being a part of our team, lending a helping hand at our events or enjoying the unique opportunities BAML has to offer?  We would love to have you as a volunteer!


 Benefits of joining BAML include: 

Unique volunteering opportunities 

Discounts to ticketed events


to attend workshops

Experience with Organisation and Leadership

A chance to join our Executive Team and Planning Boards

For secondary school students, the opportunity to add to CCSLC hours 

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can help:

Get Started


Attend our volunteer meeting at the beginning of the year or fill out our volunteer form to recieve updates on volunteering opportunities. 

Make a Donation

Contact us via email to arrange collection of your donation. We are working to recieve online donations and will advise when this option becomes available. 

Spread the Word

Follow us on Social Media, share our event flyers and messages with your friends and family.

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