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 ​​The Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies (BAML) Educate Girls Fund was established in August, 2015. It is the only grant scheme in Barbados solely for Muslim females. The grant is sustained through BAML fundraising initiatives with the aim of contributing to the development of the Muslim community and wider Barbadian society. The BAML is responsible for all matters concerning selection of awardees.

All applications must be made through the Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies following the guidelines below and with all specified documents attached.​ Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

​The application period for the 2020-2021 academic year is now open.

*Read Terms and Conditions below before applying

No. of girls benefiting from the fund since 2015: 


girl power hour


In 2015, the Government of Barbados introduced fees at the University of the West Indies. This resulted in the already small number of Muslim females pursuing higher education to decline. In response, BAML launched our Educate Girls Fund as a way to offer financial support to girls desirous of pursuing post-secondary education. The Educate Girls Grant is a flexible grant scheme, which means that the grant can be used to pay for a number of areas based on the needs of the applicant. For example it can be used to cover costs of tuition, resit CXCs, purchase school necessities such as laptops, stationary etc. or  pay for safe transportation to and from school. In addition to formal education,  the fund can also be used to pay for participation in workshops and conferences that facilitate learning and capacity building in areas deemed relevant to BAML. Along with financial support BAML provides mentorship and career guidance. This mentorship programme was launched during our first Career Seminar and Showcase for Muslim females in 2016 under the theme “Charting Paths to Achievement”. The seminar was attended by over fifty females.

details of grant

Purpose :To offer financial support for a specified reason related to Post- Secondary study.

Intended beneficiaries: Barbadian, Muslim, female students who have the potential to enhance the development of Barbados with the knowledge and skills they acquire.

The BAML is inviting applications from suitable qualified females for a grant to pursue or contribute to studies at a tertiary level institution or vocational studies institution in Barbados.

  • The Grant is a single disbursement of funds for a specific purpose during a specified time-frame only

  • The Grant is non-transferable and must be used for the specific purpose requested and approved for

  • The Grant can be offered as a gift or on a repayment basis. The repayment is instrumental to ensuring the continuation of the Grant being available to others in the future. Applicants are required to indicate their preference on the application form by either selecting “YES”, “NO” or “PARTIALLY” when asked if you would be able to repay the grant.

  • If the option of “NO” is selected, the applicant is required to volunteer with the BAML for a specified number of hours which will be decided upon selection.

  • In the case of full or partial repayment, procedures will be made through consultations with the BAML and the applicant. Procedures will be decided upon prior to the disbursement of funds. In this case, the applicant is not obligated to volunteer with the BAML.


To apply for this grant, you must be:

  • Muslim

  • Female

  • Aged 16 and above

  • Citizen or Resident of Barbados

  • Unable to provide for yourself financially​


All subject areas are eligible, however, the selection criteria gives priority to applications that demonstrate the strongest relevance to development.

how to apply

All applications must be made through the Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies following the guidelines below and with all specified documents attached. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered. 

To apply:
Complete the application form by clicking the apply now tab at the top of the page and submit the required documentation outlined below.
For your application to be considered, please ensure that the following documentation is emailed to us: 

  •  One (1) passport sized photograph.

  • Copies of relevant academic certificates and qualifications.

  • Proof of Citizenship or Residency (copy of passport, National Identification card etc.)

  • Proof of acceptance/ enrollment to the stated course of study.

  • One (1) reference letter (academic or professional) (Please see Additional Requirements section for details).

  • Official pro-forma invoice if funds are being requested for a specific item or circumstance. ​

Documentation must be emailed to, should you require an alternative method of submission, please inform us via email with this request.

Confirmation of submission will be sent via email. Should the applicant NOT receive a confirmation email within five (5) working days subsequent to submission, please contact us via email immediately. 

selection process

Submission of a completed application form does not mean automatic selection or approval.  The application will be processed by the BAML and the final decision rests with the Executive Board of the BAML.
In some instances, an interview may be convened with the applicant. In such cases, the applicant will be informed and a convenient date and location for both parties will be set. 
Any information given that is incorrect or falsified in the application, interview or during the duration of the grant will result in the immediate disqualification of the application and/or repayment of any funds disbursed.

tenure & placement

Grants are tenable at any Post-Secondary learning institution in Barbados. Grants are not restricted to any particular subject areas; however, preference will be given to those areas which hold the strongest relevance to the development of the community. 
Grants are for a specified time-frame and for a specified area of study made clear in the application. Applicants who do not make this clear may be considered ineligible. 
In your interview, you are expected to explain your reasons for applying for such course of study. This is important because you will not be permitted to change the institution or course after the point of selection, unless exceptional information becomes available that could not have been foreseen at the time of application. 
You must take the necessary steps to secure admission to your preferred universities, colleges or training institutions in advance of your grant application. Many courses have strict admission deadlines. You should check admission requirements carefully when applying.  


The value of the grant depends on the specified needs of the applicant, stated tuition cost and/or the financial capabilities of the fund at present.

general conditions

  • A BAML grant can assist with any financial requirements of post-secondary study (i.e. tuition, stationary, textbooks etc.). Applicants are asked to carefully consider their needs and clearly state these on their application and during the interview.

  • If your application is successful you will be sent a formal Confirmation Letter.

  • Terms of reference will be constructed based on the applicants specified needs, value of the grant and other relevant details. Failure to abide by the terms of reference may result in termination or repayment of grant.

additional requirements

Reference Letter

References are an integral part of the selection process. The reference letter must be written by your chosen referee and attached to your application.

Who can be a referee?
Please select your referees carefully; they should be people who can comment on your general suitability to receive a grant. Referees should be known to you, either in an academic or professional capacity. They should not be a relative or close personal friend.

Reference must be:

  • Written in English.

  • Provided in a letter format, preferably typed, and addressed to the Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies.

  • No longer than one page.

  • When approaching your referee please direct them to the guidance section below on what they should include in their reference.
    What should referees include in their reference?
    If you have been asked to provide a reference to support the Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies grant application please read below for further details on what to include:

    Your reference should be provided in a letter format and it must be in English.
    Your reference should cover the following:
    1) How long have you known the applicant?
    2) In what capacity do you know the applicant? (e.g. professional, educational, supervisory, voluntary, religious)
    3) When you last had regular contact with the applicant?
    4) A brief overall endorsement of the applicant and why they are a suitable candidate for this grant.

    Reference letters must be emailed to by the referee or submitted by the applicant along with all other requested documentation. 

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