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Celebrating the 10th Annual "World Hijab Day"

Women around the world will have an opportunity to take a stand against discrimination faced by Muslim girls and women, for their choice of wearing the hijab. This year marks the 10th Annual World Hijab Day celebration with the theme, “Hijab is our crown, not a crime” and with the hashtag #DressedNotOppressed.

Nazma Khan began this global initiative in 2013 after having fallen victim to verbal and physical abuse because she wore the hijab. Growing up in New York City, Nazma’s experienced heightened discrimination post 9/11, and eventually sought to open up doors for religious tolerance by inviting women around the world to walk in her shoes for one day, while donning the hijab. Hence, World Hijab Day!

There have been many milestones since, including but not limited to the declaration of February 1st as the National Hijab Day by the House of Representatives of the Philippines:

I’m still confused, however, as to why some people seem to equate hijab with oppression. I found nothing oppressive about covering my head at all. On the contrary, it was liberating not having to constantly worry about my hair.” [Tia StoneJaa, non-Muslim, USA]

“It’s commonly believed that wearing a veil is a form of sexual discrimination. I didn’t find it to be so. To my surprise, the veil was strangely liberating, an unapologetic form of self-expression.” [Joe Galvez, Catholic, Philippines]

Whether you are an individual, educational institution, business, nonprofit organization, a member of any faith community, or any other type of organization, you have a unique opportunity to participate.

Here are 7 ways everyone can get involved with the 10th Annual World Hijab Day on February 1st, 2022:

  • For Muslimahs ➡ Show the world we’re⠀#DressedNotOppressed⠀on World Hijab Day February 1, 2022,⠀include this caption: I’m showing the world that I’m #DressedNotOppressed. I nominate all my followers to do the same. Let’s do it! Tag us @baml_bb and @WorldHijabDay

  • For persons of other faiths ➡ Participate by covering your hair with a headscarf (hijab). Men can hold up a “I Support The Right Of Hijab” sign. Post participation selfies on social media with the hashtags #DressedNotOppressed & #WorldHijabDay. Tag us @baml_bb and @WorldHijabDay. Contact us to get a FREE hijab!

  • Raise awareness of World Hijab Day via your social media channels, re-share BAML's posts on Facebook, IG and Twitter.

  • Watch our IG Live to learn more about the hijab and the experiences of Muslim Hijabis in Barbados. Stay tuned to our socials @baml_bb for date and time.

  • Donate towards BAML's World Hijab Day outreach activities and support our mission to dismantle discrimination against girls and women in hijab.

  • Take the pledge at against discrimination of girls and women in hijab.

  • For Media ➡ Highlight World Hijab Day and in local media through stories and informative posts. For media inquiries, contact us at BAML today.

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