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Our Work

Social Activities

Our social events aim to strengthen sisterhood by creating opportunities for Muslim women and girls to play, learn and grow.

Community service

Our  community service projects assist both the Muslim community and wider Barbadian society.


We lead campaigns and participate in national initiatives to raise awareness on issues facing Muslim women and girls in Barbados.


Educational & professional development encompasses a variety of initiatives – from grants for tertiary study to career mentorship

Social activities

Hikes and Sporting Activities

Hikes & Sporting Activities

Our hikes and sporting activities  press on the importance of healthy living and encourage love and appreciation of the outdoors, whilst fostering sisterhood 

Beach and Games Socials

Beach & Games Socials

Safe spaces where women and girls can come together to have fun! They help to build new friendships and build stronger bonds of sisterhood

Fun Fairs

Fun Fairs

Our Fun Fairs provide a space for female entrepreneurs and small business owners to sell their products/services, whilst helping us to raise funds to fund girls education. 

Social Activites

Community service

Ramadhan Hampers

Ramadan Hampers

Hampers of non-perishable food items are given out annually before Ramadan to families/ persons most in need. This is made possible through the generosity of the Muslim community 

Beach Clean-ups

Beach Clean-Ups

From time to time, we conduct beach clean-ups. These help foster care and love for the environment, and the sea... as we are surrounded by it!

Dawah Outreach 

Dawah Outreach

We participate in community events, conduct school visits and engage with the general public to share knowledge on Islam  as a way to promote peace and understanding.

Supporting Other Charitable Causes

Other Charitable Causes

We support varying organisations through donations of financial and other resources and volunteering our time to help those most in need. 

24 Hour Support Hotline for Women and Girls

24 hr Hotline

Qualified Muslim female counselors also fluent in Gujarati provide free support for females experiencing anxiety, depression, emotional distress and abuse.

Hotline numbers: 231-1069/ 234-9709


World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day

We recognise WHD annually on February 1st through hosting outreaches, school visits, participating in radio/tv shows and social media campaigns.

Supporting Women Spaces in all Mosques

Women Spaces in Mosques

As the main Masajid in Barbados do not have facilities for women we run the #Families4Masjid Campaign to advocate for more inclusive Masajid.

Educate Girls Campaign

Our Educate Girls Campaign encourages girls to pursue Post-Secondary Study, whilst raising awareness on the tremendous benefit of girls' higher education.

Obesity Prevention

Childhood Obesity Prevention

In 2019, we became a signatory to the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition. Read more here

Addressing Gender-Based Violence

Gender Based Violence

We stand by a zero tolerance approach to gender-based violence recognizing the 16 Days of Activism annually from 25 Nov. -10 Dec. annually.

Promotion of Inter-faith Dialogue

Interfaith Dialogue

We  build peaceful societies through meaningful engagements that foster positive relationships with persons of all faiths and backgrounds.

Community Service

educational and Professional Development

Educate Girls Fund

Educate Girls Fund

We offer grants for post-secondary study.

Read more here

Career Showcase and Mentorship

Our Career Showcase and Mentorship program provides the support needed for girls to make informed choices on their educational development and career aspirations.

 Seminar Series and Lectures

Seminars & Lectures

We conduct seminars & workshops on a wide range of topics, from female care/hygiene to mental health. Read more on our most recent seminars here 

Leadership and Capacity Building

Leadership & Capacity Building

As a female led organisation we are raising the next generation of Muslimahs to be leaders in their fields of choice. We ensure they have the skills, confidence and knowledge to smash glass ceilings. 

Eduational and Professional Dev.

"Muslim women are strong, liberated, awakened in all senses, exercising our rights, voicing our opinions; we are the leaders, educators, doctors, writers, artists, activists"

-Haafiza Sayed

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