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Story 1: 16 Days, 16 Stories

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

TW Warning: These stories contain detailed descriptions of abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, physical violence and other forms of harassment and discrimination which may be triggering.


I didn’t know my husband before I got married, I guess you can say it was an arranged marriage. I was still excited to move to a new country and start a new life with him.

After we got married, my husband was very distant. He would hardly be home, and sometimes stay out till late at night or wouldn’t come home at all. When he was home he would hardly spend time with me, he was always on his phone, sometimes I would hear him talking to other women. A few times, I smelt a bad odour from him, at first I did not know what it was, but then one night he came home drunk… and forced himself on me. He would always force himself on me, even if the kids were in the room. I would tell him drinking was wrong and smoking was wrong, but he told me I didn’t know anything about living in Barbados. We lived with my in-laws, they knew and did nothing to help or defend me. I was alone.


If you or someone you know is being abused and needs help, please contact BAML’s Hotline at 284-2613 or 257-5582. WhatsApp Messages are also accepted. This is a free, highly confidential service.

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