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16 days, 16 stories

16 Days, 16 Stories is an initiative of the Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies to commemorate the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence by shedding light on the experiences of Muslim females in Barbados who are survivors of violence.

The stories are intended to raise awareness on the issues that are too often kept silent within our community. This silence results in women, girls, men and boys not seeking the help they need to live happy, healthy and productive lives together.

We want our readers to know, if you are facing any form of abuse or situations that are impacting your mental or physical health, it is ok to seek help and we encourage you to contact BAML’s confidential hotline via calling or sending a WhatsApp to: 284-2613 or 257-5582

A story will be posted daily on our website.

In everything, Allah knows best.

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